Multi Room Audio

Multi Room Audio

Imagine being able to listen to music throughout the house, in as many rooms as you want.

Eastek can provide you with a solution that will enable you to not only listen to music throughout the house but also be able to control the device that you are listening to.

True Multi Room Audio allows you to listen to any audio device simultaneously in any room of the house.

The most popular Multi Room systems come in 4, 6 & 8 zones. Some Multi Room/Multi Zone audio is generally operated via a keypad and or a remote control located in each room.

Being able to source your music library from either an iPod or a media storage device such as a NAS media storage device can be achieved via a remote control or a touch screen. You can even have multiple audio streams playing simultaneously throughout the house.

You can even store your favourite movies on a media storage device and stream them into any room of the house that has a television via a network media player.